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Elite Development Academy

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South Mississippi Soccer Club Elite Development Academy Mission Statement

The SMSC Elite Development Academy program focuses on positively impacting players to assist them in maximizing their development within South Mississippi Soccer Club. The Elite Development Academy values individual development over winning trophies and titles and focuses on developing those players with the desire to learn. The Academy sets the standard for our youth soccer players that we hope will impact their skills development, self-confidence, soccer education and overall love of the game. 

Elite Development Academy Information

The Elite Development Academy is for 8U, 10U, and 12U REC players and is designed to provide our REC athletes with an introduction to advanced training and play.  This is not select soccer.  This training program will be curriculum based and takes the place of our All-Star program.  We're excited about the improved structure and dynamic and are looking forward to making a positive impact. If your child is interested and shows the desire to learn, the EDA is an excellent start. 

How do I get my child involved ?  The 2018 program has wrapped up for the season. As we grow and improve on this program, we will have announcements throughout the year about out next season. If you have questions, please contact us at

Are there tryouts ?  YES.  Tryouts are designed to give the kids a goal.  These tryouts are focused on finding players interested in improving their soccer education. 

Will there be teams selected ?  The EDA will form groups for training.   These groups will be trained inside pool play and teams will be formed within the groups as the academy continues to play and scrimmage inside and outside the club if games become available.  This Academy is centered around developmental training, not tournament play and travel. 

How does my child get selected ?  The EDA does not have a limit on the number of players we can select.  However, a demonstrated foundation in the game and the ability to work in a group and follow instructions is required.

How often are practices and games ?  The EDA will practice once a week until the conclusion of REC season.  We will then train 2x a week with some games, wrapping up around the end of April.  SMSC Elite select tryouts will be later in May.

What is the cost ?  The EDA costs $50 (same as All Star) and players will be required to purchase an inexpensive uniform top (T-Shirt).  There will be no overnight travel required with this program.

For Information, please contact us at: